Archivo mensual septiembre 2007


TV series

Suddenly happened that I feel like watching all those stupid TV series that everybody is talking about.
I must admit that I am kind of impatient waiting for the next season of Lost, not because it deserve to be watched, the end of the 3rd season was pretty bad, in my opinion, but I am really curious to see the end of all this, that they made up and seems like they don’t know how to give it an end (I mean, giving some sense to all the stories they started….).

I started my new research of a good tv-serie with Heroes. No bad, no bad… actually pretty good. The characters are just a copycat of X-men, I think, but the script is pretty cool and I can not wait to see the next season (I love Hiro, is just a great character, and after seeing the end, I’m expecting something that I’m gonna like a loooooot).

After that I watched “The Lost Room”. I don’t have much to say. It just didn’t make any sense to me. Interesting, yes, but at the end, it doesn’t explain anything about the damn objects. If anyone have any explanation, it will be very welcomed.

Now I’m watching “Prision Break”, seems quite interesting so far.

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