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¿Cómo se huye de una jaula?

How would you run away from a jail?



ClientLogic – Sitel (Düsseldorf, Deutschland)

It’s quite frustrating to need to complain about something and not being able to do it. I guess my only chance is using my silly blog….
Complain about what or who? This company: ClientLogic-Sitel .
I’m so angry with what they are doing that I even dreamed a few times that I was calling the people there and yelling to them like hell… I’m not the one working there, but someone I know, that’s why I’m not the one who should do it. But I see what happens, and I just feel this way.
Here is the problem: before you sign the contract they promise promise promise but the truth is quite different after you sign. They promised some economical help about the transport to go to work, that never happend; they promised to give back some of the money wasted on a bussiness trip, and never happened; they changed the schedules (and doesn’t matter if is night or day, you will get paid the same – is that legal in Germany? -); if this new schedule means you have no transport to go home anymore and you have to wait till the morning, their answer will just be “then move here!”; the way they seem to work is disorganized but they don’t accept any kind of advice (it will be taken as a complain, and complains are not welcome); you have only 30 minutes break for 8 and half hours of work (that makes 9, because the break is not included); there is no holidays at all till the first year of working, what doesn’t start till you past the first 6 months test period ( 6 months!!)… Don’t know… there is so many small things… But those small things give you no motivation at all (but don’t show it, even when you are still going at the time they tell you to go and do whatever they tell you to do, because they will tell you that they don’t like your attitude….)…
I’m not sure, to be honest, if all this is their policy or is just the crappy German laws for workers (I must say). I really wonder what are the workers unions and organizations doing in this country….
And if I ever hear about anybody pretending to join that company, I would advice him/her first: force them to include every single of their silly promised in the contract… The verbal agreements don’t work with them…. What means: they are not honest people, so don’t expect much…
Although I guess the first thing I would say is: Are you sure? Don’t you have any other job offer?