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 Main skills

Several acting and scene directing methods. Basic technical knowlendge (light, sound and scenography). Ability to manage team work, working under preasure, search and found quick and creative solutions to any problem which might come up during the setting of a project.        


· 1998 – 2002. BA  in Drama (Acting).University of Kent (Canterbury), College of Torrelodones (Madrid, Es.) DEGREEopen_in_new_window Accreditation in Spainopen_in_new_window
· 2002 – 2004. Post-degree in Scene Director. University of Kent (Canterbury), College of Torrelodones (Madrid)
· 2015 – 2019. Improvisation Theatre School (Madrid) _Full-year course of Long Form Improvisation _Character Viewpoints Gesture workshops.
· 2019. The musical body. Workshop by Jean-Jacques Lemêtre (Théâtre du Soleil) at Residui Teatro (Madrid).
· 2018. Thinking in actions. Masterclass by Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley. Jorge Einés Actors School (Madrid)CERTIFICATEopen_in_new_window
· 2017. Stage manager at live shows. Intensive course. Centro de Tecnología del Espectáculo (INAEM). CERTIFICATEopen_in_new_window
· 2014. Reading theatre, by Luis AraújoCasa del Lector, Madrid. CERTIFICATEopen_in_new_window
· 2013. Education, sustainable practice and trainning at Social Ecology. Ecologistas en Acción Madrid. CERTIFICATEopen_in_new_window
· 2005. Physical Theatre Intensive course. Theater Die Raben (Bonn, Germany). 13415404_1082447115127806_8576896426489899653_oserpiente
· 1999-2004. Escuela Superior Wudao (Madrid, Spain).
_Wushu – Kungfu (4 years)
_Shuai Jiao (Workshops)
_Taichi (1 year)
· 1997. Recreational Activities Coordinator. Alborada School (Madrid, Spain). CERTIFICATEopen_in_new_window


Spanish. Mother tongue.
English. Speaking: Fluently. Writting: Hight level. Reading: Hight level.  Level: C1.
German. Speaking: Basic. Writting: Basic. Reading: Basic. Residing at Germany for about 4 years. German Course at Güllistan School (Bonn, Germany) for 9 months (01/2007 – 09/2007).


_ Driving License B1 since 2004 
_ Wushu – Kungfu (4 years) VÍDEO open_in_new_window
_ Classic and contemporary dance (2 years, basics)
_ Acrobatics (1 year)
_ Singing (4 years);  SOPRANO at Coro Voces para la Justicia Social, del grupo de investigación GICE (Cambio Educativo para la Justicia Social) Facultad de Formación del Profesorado y Educación. U.A.M.  desde 2014.
_ Yoga (2 years)
_ Pilates (Since 2015)


Every way of theatre, music, martial arts, cycling, activities at nature (trekking, camping) and social commitment activities (supporting NGOs campaings).